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Yarn thinking is relational thinking - it crosses, links and connects.

With it I compose, lines on diagrams, patterns and textures.

Curious to understand, how all things are made, tirelessly decomposes before renewing. 

This is how I create, this material that covers us, dresses you and protects you. 
By taking my time.

Because it takes know-how, but above all, it takes good craftsmanship.


I imagine and elaborate my knitwear in limited series in my workshop in Saint-Ferréol-les-Neiges, in the magnificent region of the Côte de Beaupré. Having decided to work piece by piece, changing the settings of my knitting machines several times a day, my working process gives me the flexibility to execute each piece individually.

With 20 years of experience to share, Lysanne also offers conferences, training, teaching and collaborative projects.

Over the years, I have knitted for them:

  • 18 Waits
  • Anfibio
  • Arako
  • Atelier b
  • Betina Lou
  • Bodybag by Jude
  • Boutique Adrénaline
  • Brett & Sauvage
  • Complex Geometries
  • Denis Gagnon
  • Des Enfantillages
  • Desjardins
  • Elisa Rossow
  • Faures
  • Frëtt Design
  • Gerhard Supply
  • Harricana
  • Heirloom
  • Jeremy Laing
  • La fibre & Moi
  • Leinad
  • MAC
  • Marie Saint-Pierre
  • Marmier
  • MBAM
  • Mercedes Morin
  • Mylène B
  • Nadia Toto
  • Odeyalo
  • Outlier
  • Philippe Dubuc
  • Pit Caribou
  • Quartz co.
  • Rachel F
  • Sam Meech
  • Studio Caribou
  • Toma Objet
  • Via Rail
  • Victor Osborne
  • Vol Privé
  • Wildhagen
  • Yso