Yarn thinking is relational thinking - it crosses, links and connects.

With it I compose, lines on diagrams, patterns and textures.

Curious to understand, how all things are made, tirelessly decomposes before renewing. 

This is how I create, this material that covers us, dresses you and protects you. 
By taking my time.

Because it takes know-how, but above all, it takes good craftsmanship.


I imagine and elaborate my knitwear in limited series in my workshop in Montreal, in the Rosemont district. Having decided to work piece by piece, changing the settings of my knitting machines several times a day, my working process gives me the flexibility to execute each piece individually.

With 20 years of experience to share, Lysanne also offers conferences, training, teaching and collaborative projects.

Over the years, I have knitted for them:

  • 18 Waits
  • Anfibio
  • Arako
  • Atelier b
  • Betina Lou
  • Bodybag by Jude
  • Boutique Adrénaline
  • Brett & Sauvage
  • Complex Geometries
  • Denis Gagnon
  • Des Enfantillages
  • Desjardins
  • Elisa Rossow
  • Faures
  • Frëtt Design
  • Gerhard Supply
  • Harricana
  • Heirloom
  • Jeremy Laing
  • La fibre & Moi
  • Leinad
  • MAC
  • Marie Saint-Pierre
  • Marmier
  • MBAM
  • Mercedes Morin
  • Mylène B
  • Nadia Toto
  • Odeyalo
  • Outlier
  • Philippe Dubuc
  • Pit Caribou
  • Quartz co.
  • Rachel F
  • Sam Meech
  • Studio Caribou
  • Toma Objet
  • Via Rail
  • Victor Osborne
  • Vol Privé
  • Wildhagen
  • Yso